Cassandra Fawcett
[Cuh-sawn-druh Faw-set] noun.

Cass for short. Twenty-one year old Junior Healer. Honest, dependable, and rather unrealistic optimistic. A twin to Mark and a younger sister to Kat and Vivian. Best mate to some bloke called Barnabas Cuffe. Cat mum. Once a Ravenclaw, always a Ravenclaw.
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To you, I’m a ghost. We’re all ghosts to you. We must be nothing.

Did you need help with something


'Course there isn't, jus' meant… -chuckles a little and rubs the back of his neck- M'not lost, is all. Try not t’embarrass myself more’n once in front o’ the same woman. ‘Least not in the same way, eh? -drops his arm and rubs his lips together a second- Was actually in the mood fer some o’ tha’ Mungo’s tea. Figured it’d be a bit sad sack wanderin’ up there without the excuse o’ company.


That’s good. I’d hate to hear that we had lost you to the labyrinth, you know. That and I’ve been told that filing a missing person’s report requires an awful lot of paperwork, as well. -smiles and places down her folder of paperwork at some sort of nurse’s station- Really? Well, on behalf of St. Mungo’s, I’m rather flattered, but I ought to warn you it may become difficult to kick the habit once you’ve started. And— um. -glances at the folder then holds up her finger like one sec- Give me half a moment and I would be happy to be your excuse for a cuppa, if you’d like. -pauses a second, furrows her brow a little while thinking- Or…Helbert’s due a break soon, I think.

Did you need help with something?


Nah, m’fine, really, jus’… -clears his throat, crosses his arms- Am I givin’ the impression o’ someone needin’ help?


Oh— no, well…just a bit, to be quite truthful, but it was mostly just an assumption. Nothing wrong with needing some help, besides. And I think I vaguely recall a comment about…confusing, winding corridors and a tendency of getting a little lost.

do i owe you or do you owe me?

//I am about 90% sure I owe you. Which I will get to right now! :)

Did you need help with something?

I’m just— a bit busy, at the moment.

butting in to say THAT GAME IS TOO ADDICTING. there’s a doctor who version and i STG

//WAY TOO ADDICTING. Ugh. Taking up all my time, I stg. Can’t get nothin’ done no more.

pls give me that version pls

//Linkity link: x

marleneomckinnon replied to your post:.
i was literally up until 4 am last night playing 2048, marissa. idk where i went wrong

//That gaaaame! >:( There was a pictures of Eddie Redmayne version of it in the tag a couple weeks ago and of course I bookmarked it and have been playing it whenever I don’t want to do homework (which is always).