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Jenna Coleman - This Morning 

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did your RP partner not like crooked fox? —Anonymous

//Callen is a very busy girl and I understood and understand that. Of course there was the irrational sense of abandonment and “Oh my God, is my character that unlikable/undesirable to be in a ship with that this person doesn’t want to be around?” but really, I shouldn’t feel either of those things because no, my rp partner did not not like Crooked Fox. She had/has other things to do, is all! :)

Do you miss Lennox? —Anonymous

Lennox is a very warm, gentle, and modest person who, for the majority of our time together, went out of his way to make me feel loved. Of course I miss him.

Jenna Coleman in Sydney, Australia for the Doctor Who World Tour (August 12th, 2014)

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It isn’t as bad as it looks.



Ed’s cut several of his teeth now and has a penchant for biting. It’s quite cute, actually.

Oh. I thought you were bitten by a particularly vicious garden gnome, to be perfectly honest. 

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Jenna + midriffs and leather pants

Jenna Coleman in Sydney for the Doctor Who World Tour, 12.8.14

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