Cassandra Fawcett
[Cuh-sawn-druh Faw-set] noun.

Cass for short. Twenty-one year old Junior Healer. Honest, dependable, and rather unrealistic optimistic. A twin to Mark and a younger sister to Kat and Vivian. Best mate to some bloke called Barnabas Cuffe. Cat mum. Once a Ravenclaw, always a Ravenclaw.
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rp bb children - names + meanings

ainsley [fawcett], dillon cuffe, fiona mcleod, peter prewett-jones, edward “teddy” lupin, and nymphadora tonks.


calistawc replied to your post: anonymous asked:Do you ever think…

//if my opinion matters at all, i think cass is too complex to be considered a mary sue

//It definitely matters. Thank you. <3

Anonymous asked:
Do you ever think that Cass is a mary sue?

// “January 28th 2014, 3:54:00 pm · 3 months ago”, lol.

I’m sort of happy someone’s asked me this, because recently I realized that Cass probably does seem a lot like me? And I’m going off the definition of a Mary Sue being a self-insert but…better. But honestly, I’m really nothing like Cassandra irl and I really, really hope no one’s actually thinking “Ugh, Marissa is just making Cass just like herself” because I’m not. Or I’m not actively trying to, at least. I’m very pessimistic about my personal life and myself, in general. I’m not very patient and I can get snappish with people. I’m actually sort of, really flighty, instead of “dependable” a lot of the time. I’m all these things that Cass isn’t and vice versa. Obviously, you can’t escape putting a part of yourself into your character, and I will admit that there is a part of me in Cass, but I have never deliberately tried to make her just like me in any way, shape, or form.

We don’t share the same interests or look anything alike. I have no interest in the medical field or even working with children. In all honesty, I don’t really know what to do around kids. Or cats. I’m a dog person, in reality. And realizing all of this has made me feel like I haven’t really put myself forward and have mostly used Cass has this sort of shield, but I’m…nothing like her. I wish I was in some ways and I am happy I’m not in others. I hope that clears things up.

Anonymous asked:
Why doesn't cass like Barnabas dating Wendy?

//The time stamp on this anon is “November 12th 2013, 2:19:00 pm · 5 months ago”. Whoops.

Cass is possessive of the people she loves in a lot of ways, especially someone like Barnabas. There’s a part of her that’s really selfish in having and wanting his attention and she wasn’t very keen on sharing it with anybody, especially in the way that Wendy was/is receiving his attention. She liked to think that she was very special, you know? And she thinks like this with anybody who has fancied her; she likes to think she’s the only one they’ve liked that much. And ugh, I know it’s annoying and ridiculous but she’s not perfect. There’s a selfish and narcissistic side to her that played heavily in how she felt about Wendy and Barnabas dating, despite the fact that she was with Lennox when it all started. It was all very strange for her, Barnabas really, really liking someone else. (She’s a bit of a spoiled brat, I guess.)

It’s changed in the past five months, of course. She’s learned to accept it easier than she had before and she better understands that she can’t have Barnabas all to herself and that he is allowed to branch out and love other people too. She’s only twenty-one and she still had/has some maturing to go through. But omg, I can’t believe it’s been five months. Barnabindy :’)


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